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News data file as table
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News subpages are automatically generated when there are a lot of news items.
You can look at the whole news data file in table format on subpage.


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04/25/2003  Directory Listing

Organize large download areas automatically, using directories and file names as navigation system. No additional imformation needed except directories and files themselves. File name, extension, size, modification date and time, images width and height are provided. Directory and file names can be optionally "naturalised" as it is made on this page (file_one.gif is translated to File One). Optional number of columns, mark of recent updated files (in specified period) are also possible.

03/03/2003  Template output
Use the great skills of site developers to output table-like data according to complex template.

02/22/2003  Guestbook Light
Let your customers see themselves how unnecessary guestbook is going to be... This one runs without database and has autoclean feature.

02/12/2003  Debug content privately
You can use xmmguest module to debug content files so than other site visitors will not see it.

02/10/2003  Convert your own file!
We added a directory where you can add your content files and see the resulting page

02/06/2003  Datetime module
Allows to determine local time for certain place including daylight savings. GMT and visitor local time are also possible.

01/31/2003  Inner links feature
Inner links feature added to content processor. Now site pages can be referred as here://branch or here://LABEL. Inner pages labels are also possible (here://LABEL#I22 or here://branch#NT234).

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