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07/03/2007Release 3.4.0Small changes since previous release.   
01/23/2007Vacancies moduleReliable solution instead of plain text. Module is able to comment vacancies temporarily, repeat contact information, determine "no open vacancies" situation, build inner navigation for positions. Source data is a table that can be typed in MS Word.en-webmodules-vacancy  
11/07/2006My site - bookmarking site pagesBuild your own favourite pages list for certain site.en-webmodules-mysite  
06/21/2006Letters monitorModule allows to view letters send by formsender as a list and letters themselves. Important optional features are deletion of oldest letters and automatic refresh. The time when last letter was sent is shown in page title, so you can watch it even on minimized window in system tray.   
04/27/2006Current page searchModule allows search on current page. Search block is automatically positioned in specified coordinates inside browser window independently of window scrolls and positioning. The action is very much like browser internal page search (Ctrl-F).en-webmodules-find  
04/14/2006Download text browser now!Absolutely free...en-browser  
04/13/2006New photo gallery moduleModule allows to build photo galleries. Automatically forms preview images (thumbnails) with optional 'Zoom in' icon. It's possible to align the whole gallery right and set columns number. Thumbnails themselves may be aligned vertically to eliminate e.g. heads cropping, etc. Images are defined manually (names list) or automatically (by directory search with a mask).en-webmodules-gallery  
03/29/2006New mini-catalogue moduleModule builds navigation system based on file letters/words. Two or more files can be shown on separate pages. Module is able to process thousands lines in file. Data is taken directly from Word/Excel. Product code can be added and/or normalized automatically.en-webmodules-icat  
03/01/2006Successful Formsender workRecently an attempts to send forms automatically were detected. Doing this, robot analyzes victim page with a form, fills text fields with email address and textarea fields with spam message and then sends it via POST page call. All the forms with control image on the sites build on cms4site™ rejected those attempts. It's necessary to say that robot can submit unprotected form with an average speed 10 times per second! Imagine, this will happen in the night or weekend...en-webmodules-formsender  
12/23/2005Print versionPossibility to show site pages in version for printing appears. Only main content file is shown. In order to eliminate print version pages indexing print links are formed with javascript. See the printer icon in the right column.   
11/25/2005New mode in EditorText Editor of Site Administrator now correctly evaluates tab key, is able to show paragraph ends, and can show site page with the edited file in content area.en-sitemanager  
11/22/2005Weather by citiesNew module shows temperature conditions forecast for the specifies cities list.en-webmodules-weather  
11/10/2005Currency ConverterNew module for realtime extraction of currency courses.en-webmodules-currency  
11/01/2005Product CatalogueNew module allows to built a fully-functional product catalogue based on Excel-exporded data and images (up to 15000 items).en-webmodules-ecat  
04/05/2005Control image in formsenderNew feature prevents automated forms submission with random image generation on-fly.en-webmodules-formsender  
02/18/2005The super calendarThis is not the usual-type calendar! Take a closer look and you'll see that it is able to inform site visitors about your company working hours, public holidays etc.en-webmodules-calendar  
01/20/2005Safe text browserThe safe text browser cms4site™ provides the two main solutions: a) Security mode for browsing untrusted sites; b) Reduce traffic when browsing news sites or other, where you need only text info. Is also useful for web-developers to view site code and headers, or site owners to investigate how search engines see their sites.en-browser  
11/30/2004Realtime log in Statistics LightReal time visitors log can be updated without whole page reloaden-stat  
11/18/2004Skip by IP in Statistics LightYou can specify IP addresses list (full addresses or masks) that will be skipped. Useful to exclude site owners and site developersen-stat  
11/03/2004Developer's function in Content ProcessorNow developer has an access to content array before it will be processed and may do any necessary changes (specified function used)en-content  
10/20/2004Constants replacementNow you can use predefined and user-defined constants in content areaen-content-replace  
10/15/2004Dynamic menuOne-level horizontal menu with drop-down submenuesen-webmodules-dmenu  
08/13/2004ThumbnailerAutomatic creation of small preview images for opening initial big images in popup windowen-content-images  
06/11/2004OrderElectronic order basket has been added to webmodulesen-webmodules-order 28.06.2004
12/26/2003AntispamAntispam features are included in cms4site system starting from version 2.3.5en-content-links  
11/11/2003Authorization moduleThe authorization module allows to limit an access to the set of pages for registered visitors. Pages may have an access levels for different visitors.en-webmodules-authorize  
09/29/2003Page branch and top level linksNew module xmmtoplevel allows to build a branch of current page or top level page link.en-webmodules-toplevel  
06/23/2003Statistics Lightcms4site Statistics Light gives a simple solution of the site attendance analysis.en-stat  
05/24/2003cms4site Control CenterThis is client-side application running under Windows. Its main advantages are the easy work with the site structure and content files and smart data converting from MS Office applications using COM.en-control  
04/25/2003Directory ListingOrganize large download areas automatically, using directories and file names as navigation system. No additional imformation needed except directories and files themselves. File name, extension, size, modification date and time, images width and height are provided. Directory and file names can be optionally "naturalised" as it is made on this page (file_one.gif is translated to File One). Optional number of columns, mark of recent updated files (in specified period) are also possible.en-webmodules-dirlist 
03/03/2003Template outputUse the great skills of site developers to output table-like data according to complex template.en-webmodules-template  
02/22/2003Guestbook LightLet your customers see themselves how unnecessary guestbook is going to be... This one runs without database and has autoclean feature.en-webmodules-gblight  
02/12/2003Debug content privatelyYou can use xmmguest module to debug content files so than other site visitors will not see it.en-webmodules-guest  
02/10/2003Convert your own file!We added a directory where you can add your content files and see the resulting pageen-sitemanager  
02/06/2003Datetime moduleAllows to determine local time for certain place including daylight savings. GMT and visitor local time are also possible.en-webmodules-datetime  
01/31/2003Inner links featureInner links feature added to content processor. Now site pages can be referred as here://branch or here://LABEL. Inner pages labels are also possible (here://LABEL#I22 or here://branch#NT234).en-content-links  
01/25/2003Site Control Center announceWe started to develop Windows-based Site Control Center for site management from site owner PC. The main features: user-friendly interface for managing site structure; automatic call of applications for content files; data export inside applications; ftp-based site update from applications.   
01/21/2003Inner Navigation ModuleInner navigation module xmminner.php developed. Page inner menu (table of contents, labels backs and tops), links to site pages by branch or label. Links to homepage or page reload.en-webmodules-inner  
01/15/2003MySQL module announceDevelopment of MySQL database table editor started. Module is oriented primarily to the end-users. The features planned are: sort by fields ascending/descending, search, find by id, records editing, range deletion, keyed/unkeyed export/import.   
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