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03/01/2006  Successful Formsender work

Recently an attempts to send forms automatically were detected. Doing this, robot analyzes victim page with a form, fills text fields with email address and textarea fields with spam message and then sends it via POST page call. All the forms with control image on the sites build on cms4site™ rejected those attempts. It's necessary to say that robot can submit unprotected form with an average speed 10 times per second! Imagine, this will happen in the night or weekend...

12/23/2005  Print version
Possibility to show site pages in version for printing appears. Only main content file is shown. In order to eliminate print version pages indexing print links are formed with javascript. See the printer icon in the right column.

11/25/2005  New mode in Editor
Text Editor of Site Administrator now correctly evaluates tab key, is able to show paragraph ends, and can show site page with the edited file in content area.

11/22/2005  Weather by cities
New module shows temperature conditions forecast for the specifies cities list.

11/10/2005  Currency Converter
New module for realtime extraction of currency courses.

11/01/2005  Product Catalogue
New module allows to built a fully-functional product catalogue based on Excel-exporded data and images (up to 15000 items).

04/05/2005  Control image in formsender
New feature prevents automated forms submission with random image generation on-fly.

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