COCOMO II     Source Lines Of Code (minimal value 2300)  Pricing Per Hour   
COCOMO II post-architecture model allows one to estimate the cost, effort, and schedule for software development activity.
It is based on SLOC (source lines of code) characteristic, and operates according to the following equations:
  PM = 2.45*EAF*(SLOC/1000)^P
DM = 2.50*(PM)^T

PM - person-months needed for project
EAF - effort adjustment factor (0.6-1.4)
SLOC - source lines of code
P - project complexity (1.04-1.24)
DM - duration time in months for project
T - sloc-dependent coefficient (0.32-0.38)
ST - average staffing necessary

More info:
Some constants are used
to calculate additional values:

8 working hours per day
20 working days per month
12 working months per year
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